From the moment you step into the Studio it’s time to relax and leave time behind. Our therapist will ease you into your treatment with our relaxing foot ritual and during your facial, you will enjoy your choice of either a hand or foot massage whilst your mask works its magic.

We use an exclusive range of facial treatment products that leave your skin feeling amazing. The Australian made, certified organic range of Organicspa products are proven to be highly effective in repairing and rejuvenating your skin.

Organicspa is a salon only, certified organic and vegan friendly range that combines medicinal levels of certified organic plant extracts with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

None of these products have any artificial colours or fragrances, are not tested on animals or have any animal products in them.

Organicspa age vita-renewal facial 

More than just a facial, the highly concentrated Vitamin C and Green Tea active ingredients give you an antioxidant boost and aids in slowing the ageing process whilst leaving your skin radiant.

We start with a comprehensive skin diagnosis followed by a luxurious double cleanse, exfoliation and mask. While this mask restores radiance to your skin, relax even more and enjoy an indulgent hand and arm massage!

Using aromatic hot towels to remove your mask, your face will feel heavenly. When combined with a neck and décolletage massage you will simply melt away.

To complete your treatment we apply the finishing touches which include an eye treatment, serum and finishing day/night cream to restore your youthful glow.

6o-minutes $100.00

Organicspa multi-detox facial

Designed to purify, calm, detoxify and promote cell renewal, this facial will smooth away fine lines by restoring lost moisture.

We start with a comprehensive skin diagnosis followed by a luxurious double cleanse, exfoliation and mask. While this mask restores radiance to your skin, relax even more and enjoy an indulgent hand and arm massage!

Using hot aromatic hot towels to remove your mask, your skin will feel pure and renewed.

We then use a lymphatic and pressure point massage to encourage skin detoxification and clarity. To complete this treatment we apply the appropriate serum, eye treatment and finishing day/night cream to ensure your skin is left visibly brighter and you feel fabulous.

 60-minutes $100.00

Organicspa bio-hydra moisture infusion facial

A specialty facial that will hydrate and lock in moisture, replenishing thirsty skin, illuminating your complexion and combating dehydration.

You will feel amazing!

45-minutes $100.00


Organicspa re-energising eye treatment  

This re-energising eye treatment will restore vitality, plump fine lines, help eliminate puffiness and leave the eye area looking and feeling smooth and bright. It’s the perfect add-on to a facial or as an optional extra after your massage or body treatment. 

When added to your orgincspa facial – $20.00

When booked with non-facial treatments allow 30-minutes $45.00

Organicspa express facial 

Life is busy and we want to maximise our relation, now it’s possible. Combine our 30-minute facial with your choice of other 30-minute or plus treatments to create the perfect package.

It may be a quick fix, but quality and service is not left out. We diagnose your skin, cleanse and exfoliate with a mask and apply finishing products such as Serums and Eye Balm.

30-minutes $60.00

Organicspa AHA rejuvenate peel

The advanced combination of ingredients including natural alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes from fruit and certified organic botanical sources will help to penetrate the upper layers of your skin, cleansing your pores and improving skin texture.

As well as toning your skin and assisting with its elasticity!

Just one treatment is all it takes for your skin to be calmer, smoother, hydrated and refreshed.

For skin pigmentation, scars, acne or resurfacing, we recommend a course of 6 – 12 treatments performed weekly.

45-minutes $80.00

Six treatment course – $75.00 per treatment

Twelve treatment course – $70.00 per treatment